Namaskar / Welcome

Our healthcare journey started in 1947 with a modest chemist shop by the name of RADICURA in Old Delhi. The said operations soon went on to become the largest by volume Distribution Network across all of Delhi. Thus we were one of the leading pioneers in the Retail cum Distribution space of Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Herbal and Food & Dietary Supplements in our region from an early time. The resounding success achieved by our founders was evident by the way of timely setup of manufacturing units in allied lines of business.

We are a fourth generation strong family to have ample exposure within the varied fields of Import, Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, Manufacturing and Export of the mentioned goods and services.

Our goodwill with various market channels withstands to this day as a testimony to our rapport building personalities embracing old world charm and modern day professionalism as a habit. No business is considered too small or too big for us to undertake.

We have travelled extensively across the globe in search of fresher prospects and have always found reasonable success. Our latest venture HOMEOSTASIS is an extremely promising prospect concentrating on bridging the gap between buyers and sellers, both domestic and international, with our eminent presence in all of the mentioned industries, i.e., Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Herbal and Food & Dietary Supplements in India.

We undertake extensive research on behalf of buyers and offer a hands-on trading platform for sellers alike. This is achieved via existing collaborations with big local players and prospective tie-ups with hyperlocal startups as a proven business model that offers fresh starts to countless aspirants seeking honest, sincere and transparent workings as a thumb rule.

The returns thereby are crystal clear from the word go whether you are an experienced player or a fresher looking to be well rooted in the scheme of things. We have our own brands available for promotion with considerable & handsome ongoing commissions on offer, or similarly with a minimal investment you could seek our help & guidance for your own branding efforts in an otherwise saturated market.

For startups, there are two dominant approaches for Sales & Marketing as per Offline & Online channels. One is asset-light & publicity-heavy and the other is publicity-light & asset-heavy. The different approaches depend on whether you are more comfortable in positioning yourself behind the scenes (manufacturing) or in the limelight (advertising) or both.

Our thorough expertise has withstood the winds of change, as we are proud learners of the old ways as well as the new ones, hence it is an omni-channel approach we recommend as per budgetary constraints.

The scale of operations predominantly depends on a startup’s budget, especially when competing with established brands, as branding is very demanding on scarce resources. A time tested tip is to first and foremost preserve your capital.

All of this may as well sound like a resource consuming activity, however the returns would speak for themselves given time, and such endeavours are very well worth it, with calculable return on investment being the driving factor.

We consider liaison induced business to be the frontrunner in our trade and welcome any questions regarding the same, be it domestic or international. We prioritise both fronts as equal opportunity platforms.

We hereby welcome all queries for conducive business with a promise of best business practices and are very much proud to be stating that we are well known within the trade to go the extra mile when it comes to mutual satisfaction.

Kindly get in touch with our proprietor Sh. Amit Jain for a quick and timely resolution to your query. We look forward to a healthy working relationship with you.

Jai Hind