We specialise in Medical Devices in India and are very much conversant with all the due procedural processes to undertake the same for you on a micro or macro level of operations.

We are a fourth generation strong business family to have ample exposure within the varied fields of Import, Retail, Wholesale, Distribution, Manufacturing and Export of the mentioned goods and services.

We are also sourcing / buying agents for procurement of finished products, raw materials and plant & machinery, on a domestic & international stage. We have access to collaborations / JVs and sale & purchase of sick units.

Thus we specialise in Turnkey Factories & Branding of Medical Devices in India and are very much conversant with all the due procedural processes to undertake the same for you on a micro or macro level of operations.

We are actively seeking PCD / Franchise / Distribution based models to incorporate into our working and can easily go the extra mile to accommodate considerable & handsome ongoing commissions for you.

To help you get started, we can do small batches just as well as large batches because we undertake manufacture of custom formulations with utmost ease and can get hassle-free approval from the authorities for the same going forth with our thorough knowledge of the subject.

Feel free to enquire with us for consideration of any of your ongoing or latest requirements and we shall provide you with due consultations with industry veterans free of cost to you.

Our goodwill with various market channels withstands to this day as a testimony to our rapport building personalities embracing old world charm and modern day professionalism as a habit. No business is considered too small or too big for us to undertake.

We undertake extensive research on behalf of buyers and offer a hands-on trading platform for sellers alike. This is achieved via existing collaborations with big local players and prospective tie-ups with hyperlocal startups as a proven business model that offers fresh starts to countless aspirants seeking honest, sincere and transparent workings as a thumb rule.

We regularly facilitate the same from within our resource pool thereby acquiring feasible solutions for you to consider would be one of our many turnkey acquisition capabilities. Feel free to connect with us for more information on such value propositions.

We consider liaison induced business to be the frontrunner in our trade and welcome any questions regarding the same, be it domestic or international. We prioritise both fronts as equal opportunity platforms.

We are experts in governmental procedures of Import / Export / tenders and can easily go the extra mile to even undertake such sourcing for you. We have proven capabilities in the mentioned lines of work in the often closely intertwined fields of Medical Devices in India.

There are considerably voluminous B2B & B2C trade channels to be explored within the domestic & international scenarios. The need of the hour is  innovative game changing products made available as a value for money proposition.

We are well entrenched in the nuances of the nature of said business and it’s day to day dealings, thereby saving you precious time & resources. Feel free to outsource the same to us at a considerably lower cost to you.

The scope for Medical Devices Turnkey Factories, Job Work and Branding for the same is ever present in reduction of risk exposure from existing as well as upcoming projects as an ongoing concern that we could help with, be it outsourcing to the right party or managing as a turnkey event

We have the requisite connections within the industry to be proposing this as one of our many services on offer. Kindly get in touch with us to know more about the scope of both small scale and large scale Medical Devices operations in India.

We hereby welcome all queries for conducive business with a promise of best business practices and are very much proud to be stating that we are well known within the trade to go the extra mile when it comes to mutual satisfaction.


Kindly get in touch with our proprietor Sh. Amit Jain for a quick and timely resolution to your query. We look forward to a healthy working relationship with you.

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